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Creating Our First Post

Our next activity is going to be creating our next post. You will have  a number of decisions to make:

  1. What will my post be about?
  2. What resources (technological or otherwise) do I need to make my post?
  3. How do I actually create a post?

I can help you with the last question by providing you with some resources and taking you through the process. It is important to understand what a POST is and what a PAGE is. These are the two ways of presenting information on a blog. PAGEs tend to present static information that doesn’t change over time and POSTs, like diaries, tend to be more dynamic.

Page VS Post

Here’s a brief explanation:


This is how a post is structured:

Post structure
Introduction To Posts And Writing Posts: The Structure of a Post



For the Post we’re creating today, we won’t be worrying too much about Categories and Tags we select. We will be assigning them, but the tags and categories we use may not be ones we eventually end up with. Typically, as teachers and students, we need to plan for categories and tags purposeful and expedient use.

Here’s how a basic post is created & edited:

Creating a Post:


Editing a Post:

This is an explanation of each tool in the Visual Editor Toolbar.

Edublogs Visual Editor
Introduction to the Visual Editor


Here is how to add some media in the form of images…


And finally, here’s the script for adding a category quickly – more on this later…

Edublogs Categories
Adding Categories to a Post


Let the Posting Begin