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Getting Started

This section is designed to assist in helping you find your way around the basic interface and settings in Edublogs.

Here’s an overview of the Edublog System…

First, we need to find a resource where we can get stellar help… That’d be located here and thankfully there are three ways to leverage this assistance:

Edublogs 3 Way Help

From here you can access text and multimedia help that should address any questions you have about how to do almost any task within the Edublog system.



Let’s try logging in. Go to Here’s the script for accomplishing that…

Edublogs Login



Once we’ve logged in we arrive at the Dashboard and see the sidebar navigation to all the great features in Edublog (WordPRess)!

Edublogs Dashboard
Use dashboard help


Lets Look specifically at some Settings together to make sure you understand how things should be set and what these settings actually mean:

Edublogs Settings
Settings And Privacy help