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Lessons In Blogging – Framing Our Thinking

Guiding Discussion Questions:

The first two questions were really asked by way of reflecting on the “3 Great Things About Campus Press Edublogs” video in the Inservice form.

Edublogs Preview – 3 Great Things from Keith Strachan on Vimeo.

Here’s what I learned from some of your reflective comments…

  • What do you want to be able to accomplish using Edublogs as a tool? Portfolio and Communication tool.
  • How will you use your Edublogs to support student learning? Giving students/parents direction/communication and meaning next steps (AFL) and appropriate feedback.

However, consider these next three:

  • Why Blog in the first place?Why Blog? from Keith Strachan on Vimeo.
  • What kind of materials do you see yourself/your students posting on the Edublog given that students, other teachers in the school/other schools and at a later date possibly parents will be able to see it?
  • What other (online) tools might you need to explore to support what’s going on in your Edublog?



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Using the Sticky Notes provided, Turn & Talk with a partner and discus the three remaining questions to be answered above.

Select the suggestion(s)/idea(s) that spoke to you most.

Record one idea or suggestion per sticky note.

Feed forward select posts in debrief.