What “Makes” or “Breaks” a Classroom Edublog?!!

An Edublog can to support student learning in any of the following ways: AFL, Process Portfolio, Ongoing or Summative Assessment, Communication, Lesson Workflows, Document Storage/Management, etc….

But this is a careful design process that takes into account the underpinning pedagogical structures valued in our Division and embedded in our Principles of Learning document.


Principles of Learning Doc

Principles of Learning PDF


5 Critical Elements of Assessment

5 Critical Elements of Assessment PDF

It is really important when we consider any kind of assessment practices in a blogging environment that we focus on the 5 Critical Elements of Assessment in order to be purposefully reflective.

Students need to be aware of both the intents and criteria and continually refer to it and back to its while working on and reviewing their work or others. It will give them ways to explain their thinking more accurately.


We’re going to give that process a try now.


To begin to understand what elements make or break an School-based classroom Edublog site.

  1. Look at a number of Edublog classroom sites.
  2. Create a menu of items, ideas, things you see that are, in your opinion desirable or appropriate in a school-based, classroom Edublog site.
  3. Create a menu of items, ideas, things you see that are, in your opinion NOT desirable or appropriate in a school-based, classroom Edublog site.
  4. Sort the menu items into groups that fit together.
  5. Create an appropriate category name for each group
  6. Organize your work and feed forward the categories


Criteria Example



About Huzzah! 2016-2017

Hi there Huzzah. We are Year 8 New Zealand students who would love to connect with you. Our blog site is https://rm5ois.edublogs.org and we also have a twitter account – @room5ois2016 We are new to blogging but are really getting into it. Please help us connect with others around the world.

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A big thank you to Danielle Rose and Kerry Terreblanche for helping us to make some beautiful decorations. They worked hard every Friday!! We love the decorations and cant wait to hang them on our trees. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Tokyo International School Grade 4

Monday: Math riddle: a factory worker can put 8 large boxes or 10 small boxes in a container for shipping. In one shipment, he sent 96 boxes. If there are more large boxes than small boxes, how many containers did he send? Do your best. Show your work!

2015 Finalists – The Edublog Awards


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