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This is often an area that is glossed over. Teacher pick themes based on look, which makes sense. But there are many other considerations.

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When in the Appearance Theme Picker you have a number of categories, two of which are of paramount importance: Mobile Friendly and Accessibility Ready. You may wonder why I have singled these two out ahead of the others. The reasons are simple:

Mobile Friendly is critical, because the bulk of your visitors, believe it or not, will come to the site via a mobile device of some sort and the site therefore needs to be responsive. What does it mean to be responsive? It means the site and it’s assets (the images, videos and text) adjust to fit the screen size of whatever device the site is being viewed on.

Here’s a quick example to demonstrate this in action:

Accessibility Ready means that the site is ready for blind and hearing impaired visitors as much as it can be. It will handle screen readers, has colour themes that are typically higher contrast and colour blind friendly. That kind of thing.

While it is important to look good, it is more important to be ACCESSIBLE to as many people and their devices as possible in order to reach as broad an audience as possible. Keep this in mind when selecting your theme.




Have a quick look at the themes and select one that you like.

Choosing your theme



Here’s dome more information on how to customize the look of your site:

Appearance & Themes

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