Adding Backgrounds to Paper 53

Paper 53 Logo
Paper 53 Logo

I was asked the question of how to add back grounds in Paper 53 the other day. Actually, that’s not exactly right. The question I was asked was, “Is there an app on our Divisional iPads that we can do blue print type designs on?” In fact, there might be…

Paper 53 has a lot of tools that will make the drawing of shapes and lines easy and fairly exact and they are explained in some detail on their site… Paper 53 Drawing Tools

Here’s a little taste of their abilities… Diagram Tools

In addition to have tools that allow for fairly exact drawing, there is also a tool that allows for incredible zooming for close up work. Zooming in Tool

Finally, Paper 53 also allows for various backgrounds to be added in, such as storyboards or blue prints or grids. Here’s how that is accomplished:

Adding Backgrounds in Paper 53 from Keith Strachan on Vimeo.

Human Books – Massive Sharing Circle

Sharing StudentsEvery once in while, one participates in an event that has a lasting impact on the soul – not in a troubling way, but in a way that reaches out, delicately torches, in some cases embraces, one for the better.

Today one of the strongest characters & most innovative teachers I know, asked me to be a “human book” and share a personal story along with 42 other human books in a massive sharing circle. It was breath-taking & awe-inspiring! And inside? My heart and soul reeled with hope as I watched students take in stories, share their own perspectives, not caring about their own differences or their issues, only wanting to share and talk openly about the story and the issue at hand. It was mind blowing how focussed and respectful participants all ages were.

Many of my fellow “books” had props or artifacts to sustain interest. This was a really good idea, but not one that worked well with my story. I was my own artifact. A lot of the stories I heard were quite positive! I shuddered a bit because, while mine ultimately turned out alright, it was not exactly a rosy story! I fretted, but unnecessarily so! The participants didn’t judge MY book by it’s weathered old cover. Nor did they deem my story unworthy. Quite the opposite in fact. My message of facing challenges, staying positive and not giving up despite what happens on your educational journey seemed to hit home with many. And many were surprised that a teacher could have such educational trouble!

This brings me to the part where I want to thank everyone, most especially Chantelle Cotton, for making this incredible experience possible.

Today hundreds of people connected in a way that was beautiful, deeply appreciative, and wonderfully connected! The sense of community, peace and consecutiveness was palatable.

We need more events like this!!!