Finally the “WSD Earth Day Picture Challenge” Mashup!

Over a month ago, I issued a challenge to the WSD Twitter-sphere… The challenge was simple (and was, in point of fact, inspired by high school friends of mine now living in the States!) :

for 7 days, post 1 Nature-focused, Spring-inspired image on Twitter with the hashtag #WSD7dNC in celebration of Earth Day.

Now, my fervent intent was to post this Mashup video on Earth Day itself on April 22. Alas, this was not to be for a number of reasons. First off, people continued posting images well after the 7 days were completed, which is an awesome issue to have. And secondly, I just ran out of time (not really a great excuse, but there you have it).

That said, the response to this challenge was incredible and the images posted were beautiful and varied. What has impressed me most? With little effort, the spirit of collaboration, the thrill of seeing positive, warming, hopeful images made my day and judging from retweets, likes and DMs I would say that that others involved felt the same way!

George Couros has coined the phrase “Competitive Collaboration” in his book and in his work with us this year, and while I have trouble with that phrase, I have NO trouble with the intention…

Unity is Strength
Collaboration more powerful than competition
Competitive Collaboration

The positive collaboration within this simple, non-competitive challenge was wonderful, drew a community of people together in a common goal and managed to produce a lovely piece. And so without further ado…

I have pulled together a presentation of sorts to celebrate this collaboration of spirit and positive nature in celebration of Earth Day! Enjoy.


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