WSD Coding Challenge Week 1 – Drawing App

I have had a fairly strong response to the coding challenge survey send out last week. The results are in and the consensus is as follows:

  • Nearly everyone wanted a variety of tools used: I will be highlighting Scratch 2, Scratch Jr., Hopscotch, and I may throw in some special connections with Raspberry PI or PICO boards other digital addons.
  • There was nearly an even split on weekly/biweekly delivery – I will be going with weekly delivery of the challenges for the month of March and April – roughly 8 lessons
  • I will be posting challenges on Monday, with tutorials on Wednesday and solutions from the field on Friday.
  • I will key all lessons for students, but adults can follow and learn along side; I will provide PDF and Video resources for all coding on the blog.
  • About half said they would post materials to Twitter. Please use the** #WSDCodes** or #WSDHSchallenges hashtags or both, or email your samples for me to post on the blog.
  • Now on to content… My theme will be ART focused. We will building an drawing app in stages. One that will draw shapes, lines in multiple colours. This will be challenging, but will address a lot of the creative and curricular ideas requested.

Hopefully, this will address the needs of the many. Please feel free to email or DM me if you have other needs that are not being met.

Here is the week one challenge:

Designing a Drawing App

Getting Starting in Hopscotch
Getting Starting in Hopscotch


Getting Started in Scratch
Getting Started in Scratch

For this challenge, I will be posting some video support on Wednesday. In the meantime, you will need to start looking for clues in the areas where movement is noted. Particularly movement related to the X and Y value of the pointer or cursor. When the mouse or cursor moves the X and Y value for the cursor or mouse needs to be constantly updated and recorded. A drawing app takes advantage of this by leaving a coloured trail as the cursor or mouse moves along this X/Y coordinate path. Hopscotch and Scratch each use slightly different keywords to accomplish this, but both are found in the movement or motion block sections. That’s the place to start looking. Good luck.

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