Winnipeg School Division Coding Challenges

Code Challenges
Code Challenges

I have been throwing some coding challenges up on my Twitter steam lately using the [#WSDHSchallenges]( hashtag as a kind of test to see what kind of response I had to this sort of thing. The response has been fairly strong and so I am exploring the next step.

I really can’t take credit for this whole idea actually. It’s really modelled after the Hour of Code activities, and the Twitter challenge connection was suggested by the incredibly smart cookies that attended my coding session at this year’s CHARGE 2016 conference for preservice teachers at the University of Winnipeg I had the honour of being asked to participate in.

I want to solicit some feedback from followers to try to determine the kinds of challenges that followers might find most useful. To that end, please complete the short embedded survey to give me some ideas on how to tailor the up coming challenges.

My intention is to begin the challenges starting as early as March and I want to make then as focused as possible so any and all feedback is appreciated. I would love to have the feedback back be month’s end! Thanks in advance for the quick turn around.


QR Code for WSD Coding Challenge Registration form
QR Code for WSD Coding Challenge Registration Form



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